Katie (rageofhope) wrote in gclovelikewoahx,

I say your a non believer.

Name- Katie
Age- 16
Location- Massachusetts

List as many bands/singers as you can think of that you enjoy- All of them? Ha, alrighty than.

♥ 1208
♥ Affections Else
♥ Agnostic Front
♥ Ashlee Simpson
♥ Atreyu
♥ Avoid One Thing
♥ Boys Night Out
♥ Brand New
♥ Bright Eyes
♥ Crossfade
♥ Dakota
♥ Day Of Contempt
♥ Descendents
♥ Die Trying
♥ Dogfight
♥ Dropkick Murphys
♥ Easton Legacy
♥ Evanescence
♥ Every Time I Die
♥ Fall Out Boy
♥ From First To Last
♥ Gob
♥ Good Charlotte
♥ Goldfinger
♥ Grizzly
♥ Gwen Stefani
♥ H2O
♥ Halo Friendlies
♥ Hazen Street
♥ Hot Water Music
♥ Lacuna Coil
♥ Letterday
♥ Letter Kills
♥ Lillix
♥ Lola Ray
♥ Lostprophets
♥ Matchbook Romance
♥ Maxeen
♥ Melee
♥ Mest
♥ Midtown
♥ Motion City Soundtrack
♥ New Found Glory
♥ Nirvana
♥ Plan B
♥ P.O.D
♥ Rancid
♥ Rise Against
♥ River City Rebels
♥ Say Anything
♥ Sex Pistols
♥ Shinedown
♥ Simple Plan
♥ Slipknot
♥ Something Corporate
♥ Spitalfield
♥ Story Of The Year
♥ Sugarcult
♥ Tantric
♥ The Ataris
♥ The Casualties
♥ The Cure
♥ The Distillers
♥ The Eyeliners
♥ The Explosion
♥ The F Ups
♥ The Living End
♥ The Matches
♥ The Unseen
♥ The Used
♥ The Weekend
♥ Three Days Grace
♥ Underoath
♥ Unwritten Law
♥ Zebrahead

List the bands/singers that you hate- I can't hate people I don't know, so I'd have to say none. I do dislike quite a few though, music wise, not person wise. But probably Blink 182, Green Day, Hilary Duff, Incubus, Creed, are a few.
Movies you enjoy- Pleasantville/Party Monster/Thirteen/Napoleon Dynamite/Donnie Darko
Movies you dont enjoy- I don't watch movies I don't like...
Favorite song- Screamer - Good Charlotte
Favorite lyric- That's a tough one, I can't name one off the top of my head.
Do you like DDR?-Dance Dance Revoltion? Can't say I do that kinda stuff, my friends love it though, I like watching them play each other and fall haha.
What do you think about the Warped Tour?- Love warped, can't wait till summers here so I can go. I still gotta buy my ticket, thanks for the reminder.

What concerts have you been to before?- Want me to name them all? Alrighty. But for some I can't name dates.
♥ Good Charlotte/Sum 41/Lola Ray/Hazen Street (November 15th 2004)
♥ Good Charlotte/Mest/Something Corporate (October 12th 2003)
♥ Warped Tour (August 20th 2004)
♥ Kiss 108 Jinble Ball (2003/2004)
♥ Simple Plan/MXPX/Sugarcult/Jersey (2004)
♥ Zebrahead/Lola Ray/Plan B(2004)
♥ Rock 101 Sky Show (2004)
♥ Lostprophets/Midtown/Eighteen Visions (2004)
♥ Mest/Hawthrone Heights/Punchline/Bayside (2004)
♥ H2O/With Honor/Stretch Armstrong/Dakota (2005)
♥ From First To Last/Matchbook Romance/Motion City Soundtrack/Scatter The Ashes (2005)

There's more, but I can't think of them right now.

What do you think about Abortion- I'm not against it, it's not my right to decide whether someone else should keep their child or not. It should be that persons decision, I should have no say in it, their life, not mine.
Gay marriages- Love whoever you want, I'm all for it
Avril lavigne- Not a fan of her, so, why should I care about her? I do want all her clothes though.

Make up a new trend- Rinji Maze trend. Hehehe ♥

What would you do if you had a big meeting and you were already running late, but on top of that you were so nervous, you barfed all over yourself/or your hands wer shakey and you spilled your coffee etc..- Shoot myself.
Ahaha not really, but probably cry, call in and say 'I've had an emergencey, I'm sorry' go home and take a shower and sleep.

How long have you liked GC- Not long, only sense 2003ish.

Whos your favorite Member- I don't do that 'favorite member' crap, way too Backstreet Boysish.

Play any instruments?- Piano, Oboe, and I'm teaching myself guitar.

Type a short paragraph about yourself- I'm extremely over protective of my friends, so if you are the slightest bit mean to them, your ass is mine. I'm open-minded, or I'd like to think I am, compared to other people out there. There's really not much to say about me, you either like me or you don't.

Amuse me, give me a joke or a funny picture- Hilary sucks Joels nose because he has a penis nose? Ha ha?

I tried.

Last but not least, Pics please! If you dont have any, chances of you getting in will go down but very slightly, but the more pics the better!! Sure, why not, but only one...

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