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List as many bands/singers as you can think of that you enjoy-GC, Human Waste Project, Her Daily Obsession, Atreyu, Avenged Sevenfold, HIM, The Used, Kittie, Ashlee Simpson, My Chemical Romance
List the bands/singers that you hate-BSB, or rap
Movies you enjoy- Donnie Darko, Bubble Boy (♥Jake Gyllenhaal) Prey for Rock and Roll, Tomb Raider 1&2 (♥ the game) Nightmare Before Christmas (I can draw them, it's cute)
Movies you dont enjoy-I don't recall any at the moment
Favorite song-Heartattack by Her Daily Obsession
Favorite lyric-"As the Poison inside, reached her heart"
Do you like DDR?-Never played
What do you think about the Warped Tour?-Love it!! Going again this year too.

What concerts have you been to before?-Warped Tour, then some local shows

What do you think about Abortion-It's bad, but good if the person was raped and was pregnant by it
Gay marriages-I don't mind them. It's no big
Avril lavigne-I don't mind her either, she pretty but she kinda stalls when she talks.

Make up a new trend- What?

What would you do if you had a big meeting and you were already running late, but on top of that you were so nervous, you barfed all over yourself/or your hands wer shakey and you spilled your coffee etc..- Id change my clothes and go..ew!

How long have you liked GC- Since I stole my lil cousins's cd. I had to give it back, then I bought one. lol

Whos your favorite Member- Billy

Play any instruments?- Guitar, and Bass..a lil

Type a short paragraph about yourself- Im fun, random, hysterical, I love making graphics, icons, etc. I love music, and drawing. I love playing this one video game Tomb Raider 1 for ps. I've had it forever but recently become addicted.

Amuse me, give me a joke or a funny picture- There's this one I know, I love it cuz Im random. Like I said, "There was a cat who swallowed a ball of yarn and when she had kittens, they all had sweaters on" Plus this is pretty cool
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Last but not least, Pics please! If you dont have any, chances of you getting in will go down but very slightly, but the more pics the better!!
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