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I'd give up all these dreams

Good Charlotte love like woah

To have you in my arms right now...<3
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Okay, You must have an app to get in, and this isnt like one of those mean emo communites where you have to be perfect to get in, if you fill out an app, chances are youll get in. If you dont, then forget it. Please put all apps under a lj-cut.

**If your accepted, please dont come here just to be mean to other people, im sure there are plenty of communities in which you can do that.
**Dont comment until you've been accepted.
**Its okay to have opinions on peoples pictures, but please, dont get too carried away on the cut downs like calling people wayyy to fat and ugly blah blah blah.
**Please put I SAY YOUR A NON BELIEVER in the subject line so I know you read the rules.
**ALL APPS UNDER A LJ-CUT!! if you screw something up its okay, just repost your app.
**If your rejected, you can re-apply, but wait at least a day.
**If your gonna promote, put those under a lj-cut too.



List as many bands/singers as you can think of that you enjoy-
List the bands/singers that you hate-
Movies you enjoy-
Movies you dont enjoy-
Favorite song-
Favorite lyric-
Do you like DDR?-
What do you think about the Warped Tour?-

What concerts have you been to before?-

What do you think about Abortion-
Gay marriages-
Avril lavigne-

Make up a new trend-

What would you do if you had a big meeting and you were already running late, but on top of that you were so nervous, you barfed all over yourself/or your hands wer shakey and you spilled your coffee etc..-

How long have you liked GC-

Whos your favorite Member-

Play any instruments?-

Type a short paragraph about yourself-

Amuse me, give me a joke or a funny picture-

Last but not least, Pics please! If you dont have any, chances of you getting in will go down but very slightly, but the more pics the better!!